Nano attachment connected permanently to body?

I insert my current Anova into a hole I cut (and it fits perfectly) in the top of a cooler. Does the new Nano’s attachment area jut out the back of it, and is that entire attachment method removable?
I think I saw it is 41mm diameter–but it won’t slip through a 41mm diameter hole from the top, will it?
Conversely, how big a hole would it need to be to slide the Nano from the bottom of the cover?

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It is permanent.

Just like what @csx4780 said - it’s fixed.


That is so sad. Why must it be?

Agree. Perhaps Anova needs to look at that before shipping. I can already see an issue in regard to only being able to use pots and containers of a certain height or depth. Give one to my car fabrication buddies and I’ll get they can solve that problem within an hour.

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Heh…if they fab up a clamp that is as good as the APC one, your buddies might have a new side business (just publish a video showing people how to cut off the existing one, then bore and tap the appropriate hole for the bolt for their replacement, removable clamp) :slight_smile:

Guessing marketing/product did this to ensure the Nano doesn’t scavenge sales away from their higher end products.