nano clamp gap?

I got the nano from Target few weeks ago on sale for 80 dollars plus 5% back with the red card.

Its good. I am finally enjoying salmon again. But I noticed the clamp area bottom is splitting salightly. There is too big gap. First photo. I am scared. Is this normal? Will water get in or is the whole uinit water tight and handle is separate. I would hate to return. I already did twice, this is my third unit. First was missing the manual and magnet with times. I double checked. And second I scratched it but it was my fault. Bu they took it back. So I would hate to go back again. So should I be concerned.

And other 2 pics my setup. 4.75 qt pot and custom lid I hacked together. I have a 8qt and its good. But too much water just for 1 person. Maybe for larger gatherings but just for me the other pot I found at homegoods few days ago is great.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I can’t see what you’re talking about in those pictures. Is it obviously cracked? If so and it’s a mfg defect your warranty will cover it. If it’s something you did (clamp too tight?) then the warranty won’t work, but the store or the mfg may make it right.

At any rate I would take it back and see what they say.

And, no, gluing will not work.

Correct me if I am wrong, but do you mean that little square hole that’s at the back of you unit? If that’s what I am seeing, no, that’s not usual. Seems like something chipped off. Although you’ve already reached out to support, I’d still reach out to them.

I think it was always like that I just never noticed. Or it could be a chip I just never noticed. Is there any harm in leaving it like that?

I decidedto be brave and return it. Its fine now. But this is the last straw. If it happens againIakgetting another brand. The lady at the cointer even said how many of these have you been through.