Need food pouch racks

I’m using the Anova One in a Camware square 12x12 container. The smallest food pouch holder i can find is 7’ x 7’ and seems to be about 1/2 inch too large. Any suggestions?

I have the 12 quart cambro container and that 7" x 7" sous vide supreme rack does fit ----just barely. I keep my precision cooker in the corner of the box. Incidently, the 7 x 7 measurement is approximate. I measured closer to 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 with my tape measure…
@vtemkin has a picture of his setup with the rack in a 12 qt cambro here:

I couldn’t find “other” racks, but someone on the forums suggested toast racks (who buys a rack for toast???), of which there are a decent selection on amazon.

Sounds like an interesting idea… Good idea to make sure the ends are uniformly flat and that its not too long so you can stand the rack on its end vertically… Standing the rack vertically helps a great deal in keeping the bags submerged.

True. Though the buoyancy of water will tend to keep things from tipping over due to gravity, especially if you can lean it against the side of the container.

The British for some reason that is beyond my grasp, insist on serving toast in a rack that ensures that by the time it gets to the table it is at room temperature. I had to put up with the accusing stares (how dare he mess with tradition) as I requested that my buttered toast be laid flat, each piece on top of the other, on a covered plate so that there was at least a small chance of it arriving at the table slightly warm.