new firmware 1.1.9

What does the new firmware do for the steam oven?

All I could find was on the #anovafoodnerd Facebook page (which is not optimum for people like me who do not have a Facebook account):

Oven displays minutes and seconds when the timer is under 1 hour.

Improved low-temperature stability for proofing

Reduced flicker of oven light when Top + Rear heaters are selected

When starting a Sous Vide Mode cook from the App with the fan set to Off, the fan will run during preheating.

Improved Wi-Fi pairing and connection reliability.

Other bug fixes and improvements.

Do you have a link to the Facebook page? Or anyplace I can find more info on the firmware update?


It’s here: #anovafoodnerd fam - sous vide and combi oven cooking

Also, it appear the firmware updated again overnight, so we are now up to 1.1.10.

How do we update? Or has it auto-updated? How do we know which firmware we’re using? I noticed today as I was preheating for a cake, that, while I selected (on the handle) rear heater, fan high for convection, the top element stayed on until I deselected it, which I believe is new behaviour.

Any info you can share is MOST appreciated!

You can tell which version you have from the phone app on the More tab. You can initiate the update from there if it is not up to date. I manually updated to 1.1.9 earlier in the week when I noticed it was available. It automatically updated to 1.1.10 today. On that one, when I opened the phone app this morning, it informed me that it was updated in a dialog box.

That top/rear toggling is definitely new. Also, I noticed changing to temp and time via the front panel no longer raises my blood pressure. I can’t confirm this, but to me, the light seems to flicker less.

It also looks like you can start a descale whenever you like from the app, not just when the oven tells you to do it.

Should have known this would require my phone – thanks!

Yes, I opened the app and was informed of the new update. I also have the option to update to 1.1.10 – which I will do when the cinnamon-roll cake finishes.

You, sir, are a gentleperson and a scholar. Much appreciated!

The 1.1.09 update seems to have wiped out my wi-fi connection. Can’t find the oven anymore…

Joe - re losing your connection, I’ve had that happen a couple of times. It’s not all that common, but it does happen. The solution I was provided with from Support was as follows:

  1. Press and hold the WiFi icon and start button for 8 seconds. The display will light up all LEDs for a few seconds. Once it returns to regular display it is ready to pair to the app again
  2. Open the app and go to the more tab. Click ‘Disconnect my oven’
  3. Now, either click Connect oven or go to the oven tab and then follow the connection process.
  4. Once paired you will be prompted to complete the FW update

You may not have to do all the steps. Sometimes just the first step is enough to give you a new code to put in. Anyway, it’s pretty straight forward if you follow the instructions on the app. Good luck!

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I had that happen once. I unplugged the oven, left it like that for about a minute. When I repluged it, the wifi connected. That was the easiest thing I have done with this oven :slight_smile:



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Yes Peter, you’re right, of course! And I should have mentioned that the super high-tech method of unplugging and re-plugging can, at least sometimes, solve the disconnect problem. But it’s not so handy if, like me, your APO is plugged in behind the unit, because the darn thing is heavy and not easy to move. But it’s worth a try if your plug is easy to access. And getting good at cooking with steam isn’t necessarily easy either, but it can sure produce some good results!

Have you considered a reliable smart socket where your cooker plugs in? You can switch your unit’s power on and off remotely if you need to.

Thanks all for your suggestions. I reset the WiFi on the unit and it’s fine now. It even let me update the firmware from a friend’s house while we were chatting (socially distantly, of course!).

All is good, all is working again.

By the way, the new functionality in 1.1.09 that is also in 10 caught me off guard: If you have the broiler turned on from the last cook and you turn on the rear burner, the broiler stays on. That button is largely independent of the others.

I understand why it now works this way, but I didn’t notice it was happening the first time it did. So I thought it worth sharing.