[New Product Suggestion] Bag Sealer

Hi Anova,

As an owner of the Anova Chamber Vacuum, Precision Cooker Pro, Vacuum Sealer Pro and Precision Oven, I find that a light weight double bag sealer on it’s own is missing from the product family and would be useful, especially if it was well priced. Have the ACV is great but every now & again and need to re-seal a bag and have to go dig out the side sealer just to re-seal bag where I do not need to worry about the creating a vacuum, for example when doing a marinade, infusion or pickle.

If I had a slim, light weight double sealer that performed much the same way as the sealing bar on the Chamber vac, is USB Type-C powered and super low-profile, (not taking up storage space like the side sealer that has to relegated to the basement), that would be a great addition.

I have tried cheap manual heat sealers from China but ended up with poor inconsistent results.

Thanks and hope you all are having a great 2024.

The thing with small but capable means you really need an 18650 of vape quality (2 at least) to cope with both the demands of “instant on, sealed in one” & to handle the long bouts of time between use.

Ideally (to me) that means a socket dedicated removable unit, presumably your chamber unit is not a perma-worktop item? (out & ready for use)

The “gadget style” sealers are next to useless I agree, I ended up buying a big sealer for dog biscuit sacks, I had to dial that in (making note of setting dial) but they come in all sizes for straight forward sealing (ali express et al) I thing ours has a 2.5 ft strip …no design winner for looks but up to many a task for all sorts of plastics & foils)

You did make me think about this, to me a larder wall hung unit with a drop down curve to support the pre-requisite “sharing bag” (in part to stress its limitations) with either a full length heat seal or one you slide across that follows a profile, this takes it nearer to pre-existing chinese units tiny heat sealing pad size, or offers the mechanics to open and allow slide in access, the support stops idiots overcooking the plastic packaging & likelihood of spilling on the floor.

I hate perma worktop clutter, I yearn for a wall hung clip in place bread toaster for instance, floating coffee maker (simple) tall rotating mug racks, in (stud) wall soap dispensers, under bath storage drawers (irks me that the bath has such an uninsulated & unused void that typically makes it very inaccessible …even to plumbers.

Considering the oft expensive price for regular kitchen (non chamber) vacuum sealers I resent that so few try to include a pull out from wall mount so it is more go to rather than move a ton of cupboard stored kit to get out & use (more often lose)

Kitchen extraction hoods (very expensive pressed metal with a small inefficient motor)
Bathroom extractors that DON’T have heat exchangers.
Prehistoric design that does nothing to assist in optimising small living spaces nor improving energy efficiency, …it’s what drew me to Anova sous vide from the kickstarter stage

Yes, I’m a big fan of pocket doors …go’s without saying.

It did pee me off when Anova opted for a fancy-schmancy freestanding SV mount rather than a simple wall mount (maybe one that doubled up as an element cleaning dip tank with a drain clip)