NEWBIE Q - Is it normal for the unit to be at a slant/angle?

Hi all,

I just got my unit, having never heard of sous vide before Starbucks :slight_smile:

So, I’m starting by trying out the boiled eggs recipe in the app - but I could not get the unit to be straight up and down on my pot that I’m using. (Its like 5/10 degrees from straight up and down.)

Does this imply I need to find a pot or saucepan that it hangs onto better? I went ahead and tried it and things seem to be working. Not sure if this is bad in the long-run, or just unusual.

Also, should the plastic bottom thing be touching the bottom of the pot/saucepan? Does it matter either way?

Finally, should I have put the eggs into a plastic bag? I see that that’s the norm for meats/veggies/etc - but the app/recipe showed the eggs free floating in the water, yet due to the spinning around of the water, the eggs are going in circles, one may have broken (or it may have been broken from the get go before cooking). Have you guys had a preference for doing eggs in bag versus not in a bag?

Thanks so much for helping out a first time sous vide user!

With some containers the unit’s clamp may not allow you to be completely vertical.As long as your water is to the fill line a small angle will not hurt anything.

For the eggs I use a large whisk. I just slip the eggs in and it holds them perfectly. I will take a picture later today and post it.


That’s a great idea using the whisk!!


I agree with what John said about the angle, the plastic cap touching the bottom doesn’t matter, as explained in the manual.

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