No display

Have had the Anova on for 5.5 hours now, target: 72.9C for 48 hours.

Largish pot - not possible (at the present time) to cover it easily. I’d love to fashion a lid so evaporation isn’t a problem. I’m having to top it up every four hours or so.

But I’m going to have to shut it down overnight anyway - since um… the display is no longer working!
The blue adjustment wheel is lit up. But nothing on top, the display is blank, no WiFi light - anything.

I note it has quite heavy condensation on the whole unit.

Has a safety mechanism kicked in? Or is my unit toast. My phone app is reporting normal ops.
If it’s a safety thing, will my unit return to a working display when it’s decided it’s dry enough?

There is no beeping going on. It seems to be working normally - but I have no display on the unit anymore!

I have decided to shut it down before heading to bed (shortly), and let it dry out overnight.

(I’m still hoping I can serve a meal on Tuesday night - but yep, I’m disappointed I won’t be able to cook the food for my desired time).

There are 3 pics and a video on this MS OneDrive personal shared folder:!AjwgsYmRt63piNpO2CItnRPSqhcZeQ?e=DQra31

Sorry, I took the video and pics after a started wiping the condensation off, before realising I should photo/vid the problem. But it’s pretty much wet allover - the pics and vid still show most off it though.

Please help! :slight_smile:
Cheers, Duncan.

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Just a wee update…

I turned it off at the wall, and back on, and reconnected and set up the cooking again.

That didn’t fix the display - it’s still totally blank.

Contact customer support. This forum is mostly users. If you contact them directly, they will actually be made aware of the problem.