No problems here.

I’m now in my fourth week and must admit I can’t understand the complaints of other users. I’m definately no cook! I started small, getting used to the sous way of cooking, and the whole process of pre-cooking my food then pan frying and to date haven’t had any major disasters.
For now all I concentrate on are chicken and fish recipes with the odd steak, experimenting with various sauces and cuts and ways to prepare my meals for the coming week. And that’s it!!! Simple, effective and tender all the time.

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The majority of their complaints seem to be coming from their devices not functioning properly or malfunctioning. It’s good that yours is working properly. Not everyone has had the same experience.

Hi @Davianni

I’m another one who’s never had any problems. I think most people don’t have much in the way of problem issues when they’ve taken the time to learn a bit about how sous vide cooking differs from other more familiar methods. It’s when you experience problems that you’re most likely to post and let people know loud and clear that you’ve a problem so that people can help you resolve your issue asap. Most people who have no problems never post here at all.