Odd Steak Color

So I just finished a 2.7 pound chuck steak/roast. Thirty six hours at 136 degrees. Nothing in the bag except beef. 

The steak smells great, there’s lots of jus, but the steak is this weird greenish brown color.

Here’s a folder with three pics: https://goo.gl/mG5Aus


Not Safe?

That’s a twenty dollar steak and thirty six hours of cooking. I’d hate to throw it out but I will if I have to.

We do not have access to your picture…

Meh. Try this: https://goo.gl/Qbd6vq

I literally just remembered that I had actually photographed the steak prior to cooking. I added those to that Drive folder as well.

The steak is in my fridge and I’m still unsure if we should eat it.

One of the rules of thumb at our home: avoid green meat. Did you coat the steak with an herb mixture that went into the vacuum bag?

As I said in my first post, nothing in the bag except beef. It’s not green, but a greenish brown.