Open up the API

We are many here in the forum that are working with development and technology. There has been several threads about this before.

Can you please open up the API? It doesn’t have to be completely open but a description on how it works and what one can do to registered developers that can build their own apps around it.

Many has already large parts of it after some reverse engineering. And from what I know it’s a about authorization and get a token that one can use to ask for the anovas device id.

So one can get the token via the API but what we need is a way of getting the device id. It could be a field in the user account (several Fields as one user can own several anovas)

This should not be a hard nut to crack unless you have painted yourself in a corner in a horrible way.

@AlyssaWOAH update please. Or gather the person’s that asks for this the most and get the community to solve it. I can dedicate some time to it if I get more than I have come up with on my own (I have a dashboard for one anova when I cook now instead of the app)



Hey @SmallOne I 100% understand where everyone is coming from regarding the API. Let me speak with the team to find out more (solid) details. I’ll circle back.

Thank you Alyssa!

(Now waiting with bated breath! :slight_smile: )

My programming skills are horrible, but I would be really interested to see what everyone else comes up with

Hi all, I am not a coder but call me an “old tech” guy. By opening up the API would that, or could that, evolve to an APK tool to develop external apps? One idea that I think would be neat is to let Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home etc.) connect to our Wifi or Bluetooth APC’s. So it goes like this in my mind…" OK Google, fire up Anova for 2 Salmon Fillets cooked to very moist, tender and flaky" (hopefully it would set it up 48.9 C for 45 minutes and connect my Anova app on my phone, please!

Anova works with Google Home, but the app has such terrible connectivity that this feature is worthless.


And? 19 days has passed. If I get some specs on how the keys are exchanged with Amazon and Google I can write something myself.

I want this because 1. I have several anovas and want to control them at the same time. 2. Being able to have a display with info for it when I’m not in the kitchen. And I can think of a whole bunch of other applications as well.

This is irritating because I know that most of it is in place otherwise Google home and Amazon echo wouldn’t work.

@AlyssaWOAH so over a month since this topic was opened up. And i asked you several times last year.

At this point i have started writing my own tool to hook up the anova to wifi and get the secret key. I think it is around 50% done. I found what i needed by a few google searches and wrote the base proof of concept in python. It only took a couple of hours.

You might find this interesting:

I have parts of that implemented. And I can get the anova to send me info to my own IP. But I prefer using infrastructure provided and just poll the existing API that anova has already.

@SmallOne When feel you’ve reached a good point please share with the rest of us! Good Luck!

There arwe no new updates on the API.

I hope the reason we’re not being given the API isn’t that the API itself is very poorly designed! I hate to think the issues with the App are primarily due to the Devs having to work with problematic core code!

Honestly, I think the API is designed really poorly… :confused: I think there are 2 reasons though… 1 is that they simply don’t know how to open it for the masses, and keep the backend secure. And 2, opening up the API would simply kill their own app in a matter of weeks, because any other app out there would be better.

Parts of it is designer really well.

The problem is that you can easily flood the the API with to many queries. It could be rate limited behind the scene. But from what i can see it’s not.

Format that comes out of the servers for the wifi version is easy to parse and present in a neat way. And commands send to it is quite ok too.

The exchange by knowing the anovas id and use the right key could be a bit better designed tho. (The parts i have seen anyway)

If the API server is secured and rate limited i see no reason why to keep the API to register the device and have 3rd party apps.

And some of what i have seen could easily be made better. Such as the exchange of the secret key. If the key was more visible you could pair the anova with two phones (that is not possible as it is now) And it would only require the “owner phone” to disclose it with a simple setting.

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‘I have parts of that implemented. And I can get the anova to send me info to my own IP’

Just wondering, how do you get it to send to your own IP address ? I assume the IP address in the APC is configured via bluetooth during intial WIFI setup. Were you able to change it, or did you faked it by manipulating an ARP record ?

Any updates on an official API for the Oven?