Openhab integration

Hi there!

I would very much like to integrate my Anova Wifi into my existing Openhab2 installation, which would be a lot more efficient and give more options than using the new Ifttt integration.

I could neatly solve all kinds of nifty tasks like:

  • Notify me in case of certain conditions (more complex than the basic temp reached notification)
  • track a temperature curve using Grafana to compare the effectiveness of various insulation techniques (nothing better than I nice graph for that) - ping pong balls vs tin foil vs whatever
  • bring back an advanced version of the ice bath feature
  • turn on / off other devices based on the state of the cooker (once cooking time is completed start preheating a heating plate)
  • call the kids via Sonos players once meal is finished
  • etc…

I would happily invest time in programming this, but did not find much about API. Since the Alexa integration works, everything should be doable, given the right information.

So there are a couple of open questions:

  • any news about the API
  • is it possible/feasible to access the Cooker locally instead of going through your service (would make things a lot easier)
  • if yes: is there a local callback mechanism to prevent the need for regular polling and if not, is it planned/considered?

I thing OpenHAB(2) and my Anova could really become a match made in heaven!