pasteurizing food for pregnancy

Hey all, just got my ANOVA today :slight_smile:

so i was looking at pasteurizing temperatures and times but i cant really find something simple and clear on this.

is there a table or some easy explanation for this issue

my wife is pregnant and one of the hardest things for is eating a well done steak (i know first world problems)

Thanks in advance for the help

Congrats on your APC purchase! You’re going to love what you’re able to do with it!

Suggestion - keep a journal - helps you to tweak recipes / cooking parameters when you have significant times between iterations.

You should get familiar with Douglas Baldwin’s site…it’s like the “sous vide bible” for some of us. :slight_smile:

Pasteurization tables can be found at Appendix Table C in his guide:


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This should help.

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There are also tables for pasteurisation based upon thickness in Baldwin:

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