Plastic Bag Opened up

I’m cooking 48 hours ribs and the plastic bag opened up mid cook. Is it still edible? Should I change the water to keep anova safe?

Zenatti, first turn off Anova and remove the ribs and decant them preserving the bag for further investigation.

Yes, the ribs are probably edible at this point in the cook unless you are cooking them at a frighteningly low temperature.
But they will be wet.
Dry and refrigerate them while you take remedial action.

Discard the water and clean Anova, your instruction manual will indicate how.

So you don’t repeat this experience conduct this discovery exercise to find a possible cause:

  • Examine the opened up bag to discover the cause of its failure.
  • Does opened-up mean the seal failed?
  • Or did a seam fail?
  • Or was there a puncture and tear?
  • Are you using a vacuum sealed bag or a freezer bag?

You might want to share the results of your discovery with our Community.

I recommend double bagging on long cooks with bones to prevent your current experience.

Now, back to cooking.
Get the ribs, re-season, if you do such a thing, repackage 2x, and cook to completion for your total of 48 hours. If you are documenting this cook precisely you might want to add an hour to the total cook time so you don’t let those ribs off too easy.

Do well, Caio

Thanks for your help.

The seal failed. I should had packaged 2x.

Good news is that I followed all your instructions and after 24 hour I got and incredible ribs.