Please share a favourite recipe for entertaining

I would like some ideas for a dinner party I am having in a few weeks. I like to prepare in advance so I can enjoy my guests. All suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you had a look through the recipe section of the site?

If you go to Anova’s main page, scroll down and you’ll come across an orange box that has “recipes” on it. Click and you’ll find lots of recipes. We’re not sure of what you wish to serve. From what I understand, a lot of sous vide cooked food can be refridgerated and reheated in the sous vide water bath. Then seared, if applicable.

I have served pork tenderloin several times for a dinner party. When all is ready just sear the tenderloin(s) for a minute or two on each side. I like them sealed with a bit of olive oil, curry, maple syrup and rosemary.

I have done creme brulee several times for dinner parties. You can do them a day ahead and just have to torch a bit of sugar on top before serving.