Precision Cooker Stand Fix

Anyone bought the precision cooker stand for the new 1200W precision cooker pro? Turns out the stand doesn’t fit this new model properly.

Anyone have any good “hacks” to make the stand fit the cooker?

Can you describe how exactly the stand and cooker mismatch - or better yet can you perhaps show a picture and describe precisely?
I’ve found low temperature thermoplastic to be fantastic at many makeshift “fixes” - especially in cases where something is loose in a fitting, or I just need to easily shape a new part for holding something in place.

Same problem here, the clamp is slighty longer than the one of the APC wifi and prevents a good fit.

I thought about cutting the back of the stand to let the clam fit down, then I stored it without the clamp then after a couple of frenzy moments looking for the misplaced clamp :wink: I decided to buy another model from Brighto. Simple, solid slightly bigger foot print

Thanks for your responses!

As Franck said, Mirozen, I think the fact that the new precision cooker is shorter combined with the new clamp means you can no longer secure it to the stand. Of course it fits without the clamp but then the cooker isn’t secured.

In terms of the Brighto stand, I’d seen that design before, it looks great. Not sure if you can get it in the UK so I’m gonna go with the cutting method and seeing how it goes.


This one is not the PRO, just the new APC which indeed is smaller, and thinner.

Issue and hack might be similar