Precision Oven: Ribs

Executive summary: Ribs are good.

After reading the comments on the “official” recipe, I adjusted the temperature and time up: I cooked the ribs at 165 degrees at 100% steam for 12-and-change hours. then I basted them with sauce, and broiled them at 400 for 5 minutes.

And they were spectacular.

Fall-off-the-bone, but not the least bit dried out like FOTB tends to be. Thick, meaty and very tasty. I still prefer the flavour of an 8-10 hour smoke on my Kamado, but it’s winter and I’m in Canada, so, smoking is not really a viable option if you also want them to cook evenly (at least, not with my skills and available time).

They say fat makes flavour, and, at 100% steam, the fat renders, but not very much of it migrates from the meat to the drippings pan. I’d guess less than half what I would normally see in an oven bake.

So, final verdict on the ribs: Not quite as tasty as smoked, but a completely different experience that was excellent. Certainly blew oven-baked into the weeds. One of the attractions of this oven was that we would be able to do reasonably good ribs in the winter, and it did not disappoint.