Random chirping noise

OK… I’m about to go insane. I got my ANOVA wifi for Christmas and this is the fifth time I’ve used it. I’m in the middle of a 24 hour pulled pork cook. The PC has started randomly making single chirp noises. I thought it was notifying me that wifi was disconnected, but I’ve reconnected again and it still makes the noises. The temperature is rock solid and I’ve tried every connectivity fix I can find. Currently, even though I’ve connected with BT, the app stopped seeing the PC once it had been minimized.

I just want the noises to stop… I’ve got another 8 hrs left on this cook. Can anyone help? And yes, I’ve unplugged it and restarted several times.

Here’s what it’s doing. Note: I unplugged the unit for about 5 minutes and it seems to have settled down… But it still makes the odd random chirp.

Why do you have it wrapped up like that?! None of the vents are going to be able to work!!!

You might just be frying the internals, having it all wrapped up in a towel like that.

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Yup… figured that out. The towel was just insulation on the metal lid, but my wife thought the escaping steam wasn’t good, so wrapped it up. We got it breathing again and all is good.