Rattle, rattle, poof! Unit dead after only five uses

I suffered through the delays in shipping like we all did, including not having the unit for all of my Thanksgiving plans, but finally received it on December 9th, 2014. I got to use it a couple times and started to notice a faint occasional rattling sound coming from the unit. I removed the sleeve to make sure it was properly locked and positioned, then restarted the unit and heard no more rattling. I went home for the holidays (without it) for a couple weeks and was eager to return to my precision cooker and get back to work on all the recipes I’d been collecting over the holiday break. The very first time I used it upon my return, I heard the rattling again. I removed the sleeve again and double-checked to make sure that everything was lined up and that nothing was making contact with the sleeve or the circulating motor. I started to wonder if the hose-clamp used to secure the temperature probe was vibrating against the sleeve, but couldn’t say for sure. After restarting the unit, the rattling continued and the collar started to get pretty hot to the touch. Seconds later the temperature stopped climbing and it’s been dead ever since.

I’ve sent a couple emails to Anova support and even filed a return claim, but have yet to hear anything back. I’m still under my warranty period, but even if I wasn’t this hardly seems acceptable, especially for a product I backed in Kickstarter (2x early bird special) that took so long to be delivered. My buddy who split the deal with me has yet to report anything odd with his precision cooker, and I’ve not found much in terms of anyone reporting similar defects in these discussions, so I’m really hoping support gets back to me. Putting the unit back into its original packaging only to sit lifeless in the corner after so much build-up is just sad.

I filed a return request and didn’t hear anything for a week or so, then got a shipping notification out of the blue for the replacement unit.

@Jrm‌ I am the Product Director here at Anova Culinary - I am so sorry about your experience, having my customer support associate reach out to you now, and we will get you taken care of today. Thank you again and please let me know if you need anything else. Natalie Vaughn

I have the same problem. I had some lamb put in the pot and set the temperature on 60 celsius and the timer on 24 hour.
I leave for a couple of hours and when I returned it was 66 Celsius the pump was stopped and I heard a strange sound coming out of the cooker. so I shut it off and wait til this morning and turn him on again. After a few things i’ve tried the cooker starts working again.
I am afraid to leave the house when the cooker is working, so what can we do about this problem? I filled out the return form and wait for a reaction.

@john Looking into your return now, we will get you taken care of !

JRM - I am having almost word for word the exact same experience. Over the weekend, I woke up in the middle of the night to a rattling. I got up to check it out, and the cooker was rattling, and VERY hot. The kitchen smelled like burning electricity. I immediately unplugged it and started checking the shield to see if it was loose (it wasn’t). I left it to cool down and went back to bed. The next morning, I figured that I’d try to replicate the issue to see if it still did it. It got super hot and smelled like burning electricity, but I didn’t let it get hot enough to start the rattle again.

I contacted Anova that day to request a return. They were quick to get back to me and sent me a link for return requests. I immediately filled out that request,(this was monday morning) and haven’t heard back since. I am feeling pretty pissed off about the whole situation, and they don’t have a phone number on their website to call. I just want a new cooker that I don’t have to worry about burning down my house.

Hi @Gypsybagelhands, thank you for your patience, I apologize for the delay - please refer to your support ticket so I can process your request. Thank you!

Support got back with me and I shipped out my return yesterday. Just waiting to hear back about a replacement unit, which they assured me would be “soon.” I think they may just getting caught up on everything since the holidays.

@Jrm Yes, we are indeed getting caught up from the busy holiday season and are working to get units out as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for your understanding! Your replacement unit should be on its way within the week; however, please feel free to shoot me a quick note with your order number to check the status.

Hi I got the same issue when I try to cook for more than several hours in a relatively high temperature.

Based on my observation, it’s a design flaw of the product.
There is a gap between the touch panel and the protection glass. If the user use the product cooking for more than several hours in a relatively high temperature. The water vapor condenses into water drops under the protection glass, the water drops keeps pushing the touch panel, which caused the beeping and the changing mode.

SOLUTION: Put the unit into a bag of rice, the rice will extract the water out of the unit.
It works for me. Hope they will fix the design in the future.