Recipe Share Please.

I’m looking for some proven recipe ideas from community members who have been SV cooking roadkill. If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s otherwise healthy animals that have had life ending encounters with vehicles. Lately in my area the police have begun sharing the locations of roadkill in rotation to people who have previously registered an interest in this growing source of food. Who can refuse free meat at today’s prices?

The meat is wholesome and largely useful, at least in winter. There’s a least 100 pounds of good edible meat on a mature deer and i can manage that quite well. My freezer is almost full. It’s the smaller mammals and large birds that become available that i’m interested in for some diet variety.

I recently tried a ratcoon but it was too fat and flat to be of much use. Rack of ratcoon just wasn’t very interesting after a lot of work. Wolf is just too much like my German Shepard, so i’ll pass on those recipes thank your. Any others, please post them. There’s likely many people looking for new ways to add variety and interest to their meals.

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It’s fairly common up here in Alaska, we have a similar program for moose because it’s so popular. If it’s not too badly damaged, you can get several hundred pounds of meat. It usually takes a couple hours for a team of 4 to break it down though. It’s nice when you bag one during the winter, free refrigeration! I haven’t heard about this with smaller game, I would think the meat would get too smashed up to be of any use.

You guys are lucky. Such practices are frowned upon here to the point of being illegal. Many critters’ lives are wasted by being left to rot by the roadside with small amounts feeding carrion birds or feral hunters.

Native species are protected, which is fine. But deer are an invasive feral species here.

The best yields are from animals hit in the head. There’s no suffering and they quickly bleed out yielding clean meat.