Reheating or overcooking?

I’m relatively new to sous vide, and could use some help.
I am currently making short ribs, 75C/24h. I am nearing the end of the 24 hours, but started a little too early, so I have about 4 hours between when the meat will be ready, to when I want to serve (and sear).
What is the best and safest way to go from here?
Should I continue cooking for an extra 4 hours?
Should I take it out, put it in ice water and then refrigerate? If so - how best to reheat before searing?
Should I reduce the temperature to just keep it hot?
Thanks so much!

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Noam, yes, let the meat continue to cook. It’s safe as-is. Another 4 hours will only make the meat slightly more tender.

If i were cooking those short ribs i would drop the temperature below 60C to preserve both the the remaining internal moisture content and tenderness.

At that high temperature you are going to have a lot of meat juices in the bags. When you decant the ribs reserve the juices, strain out the semi-solid bits, and use the flavourful juices in your sauce or gravy.

Please share your results with the Community and if you plan to make any adjustments in your technique for the next time.


I have not tried short ribs at this higher temperature but chatnoir is correct a little more time will not hurt. Lowering the temperature to anywhere between 54°-60°C will work out fine for the 4 hours.

The last batch I did was 48 hours at 54°C. I have tried them up to 72 hours at this temperature and they were wonderful.