Remote Control Casserole

We had a guest from California arriving around 6 pm at Lisbon airport. She had a long trip and would be exhausted by the time we got home. Obviously, she needs comfort food ASAP. I assembled one of my famous green noodle casseroles. Put it in the APO when we left. As we exited the airport, where we have wifi, I started the cook cycle. Vola! Done when we got home. An obvious “feature” of the app.

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I want to hear about this famous casserole!

The only fixed ingredient is spinach noodles. Add whatever is in the pantry: smashed Italian plum tomatoes, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, broken-up fresh mozzarella, plenty of garlic, greek oregano, salt & pepper. Kalamata olives if you want the greek touch (in which case use fetta), etc…