Removing plastic end cap

I just got my precision cooker and it works great - as I expected.
I then tried to disassemble it and got the sleeve off OK but could not remove the plastic end cap.
No matter which way I twisted, it would not budge.
Is there a secret to this?

Some do fit tighter than others. You could try running the sleeve under hot water, leaving the plastic cap cool, in the hopes of expanding the metal and relieving its grip on the plastic.

I’d try out what @Ember suggested - that’ll probably help with the stiffness. Also, the cap at the bottom of the device can also be removed by rotating it counterclockwise. At 0.52 seconds of this video, you’ll see how you can remove the cap.

Thanks for your quick response.
Unfortunately, after heating the sleeve thoroughly, I still couldn’t get the cap to budge.
Perhaps my arthritic hands are not strong enough but I hesitate to use any tools to try to loosen the cap.

A neat fitting rubber glove might assist a slipping grip a little.

You removed the cap?


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Success! I found a rubber gripper in the kitchen drawer that was for opening jars and it worked.
Thanks Ember for your suggestion.

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Ahhh yes!!! @kgash

Glad it’s sorted.

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Use care when removing the end cap. The plastic becomes brittle with use and the tabs easily shear off.

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Thanks for the tip! @friendlyfarmer

See? Told’ya.

Well, you might be right about the part about dogs and cats living together.


Took you this long to figure that out? :smirk: