Disassembling Anova precision cooker for cleaning

Hi, I had one of the first Anova precision cooker (bought in 2017) in which the stainless steel skirt could be removed for a perfect cleaning. Now I bought the new precision cooker because my old one got broken. I can’t remove the stainless steel skirt, nor can I remove the black bottom to put the cooker into the base which allows the cooker to stand alone. I checked on the web site but there is only a video that shows how to do skirt removal for the old Anova cooker. Could someone please shed some light about how to disassemble the new precision cooker for a good cleaning? Thank you

Hold the ANOVA PC Pro in the left hand by the black plastic part with the skirt towards you. First turn the black bottom piece with the right hand to the left counterclockwise about 1/4”. Note the orientation of the plastic ears before you draw it away from the skirt, the ears are assymetrical. Note also that the impeller protrudes through the opening a bit, and will have to be gently aligned as you reassemble the skirt.

Still holding the black plastic body in the left hand, firmly grasp the skirt in the right hand and turn it to the left counterclockwise. The first time it may take a bit of force for the accumulation of hard water crust in the plastic - SS joint. It should turn a bit more than 1/4” and expose the friction button latch mechanism. Carefully draw the skirt off of the various tubes and impeller shaft. Note the button and engraved latch orientation, perhaps even re-latch the skirt a few times for confidence and to loosen the crust that may have built up. That button will have to be carefully oriented in the engraved groove on reassembly.

Reassemble gently with the black bottom piece still removed, as you will have to gently ensure the impeller protrudes through the bottom of the skirt a bit. Then slide the skirt up onto the plastic body and turn to the right clockwise. Reinstall the black bottom impeller cover recovering the proper orientation of the ears in the slot of the skirt.

Best wishes.

Thank you for your explanation, Douglas.
Unfortunately, I have the precision cooker and non the precision Pro cooker. I think there are some differences also in the disassembling procedure. Have a nice day, and Merry Christmas

Variations on a theme. Merry Christmas

Yes, I had read that page before posting my request. Instructions are for the old model of precision cooker, the one I bought in 2017, which had the clear end cap and the wheel to adjust time and temperature. The new precision cooker is designed differently, and the stainless steel skirt does not rotate (I haven’t tried to force, though) counterclockwise nor clockwise :disappointed:
I need the third variation in a theme…
Thank you anyway for your help, and merry Christmas

I had the same problem with a brand new Precision Cooker. It took some force to remove the skirt. The bottom piece had an extra piece of plastic from manufacturing that prevented it from coming off. That needed to be forced, too, then the plastic needed to be cleaned out.

I put a bit of silicon spray on a paper towel and wiped it on the base of the cooker. Now the skirt comes off easily as it should. Once the extra plastic was removed from the bottom piece, it worked properly, too, and I was able to install it in the stand.

I too had the same issue with the skirt removal. I even sent back my new gift via Amazon because I assume it was defective. The replacement had the same issue.
Well… Support called me back promply and said NOT to remove the skirt. The newer models have been reengineered so that the skirt is not removal. Just soak the skirt portion in hot water an vingar to clean. You’d think they’d update the instruction manual and YouTube instructions on this site.

Cheers all and happy new year.

The only problem is that sometimes hairs & stickers on vacuum supermarket pre-bagged goods get stuck on the element, which, whilst vinegar dunks are good in general I prefer to cast my eye on the area being cleaned, simple servicing makes things better imho.