cleaning anova properly

what is the recommended cleaning procedure for the appliance?

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It appears that the instructional video has confused clockwise and counterclockwise.

That probably depends on which end of the unit you’re looking from.

It does, yes. When I watched the video, I ended up thinking that the directions were switched, too. Normally, the direction is given with respect to the thing I remove, looking at that component from the end I remove it from. That’s why a normal screw opens counter-clockwise. The Anova video has it the other way around.

Again, it depends if you are turning the sleeve or the head unit. :smile: Personally, tend to turn them both, one with each hand. I guess that puts me at a standstill. :wink:


It really is funny. Looking at the instructions and video here:

It says (in both instructions and video) to turn the skirt clockwise. But anyone who has ever been anywhere near anything mechanical would say that this is counter-clockwise, no matter which way I look at it:

  • If I look at the unit from the top and turn the head of the unit, holding the skirt stationary, I need to turn the head counter-clockwise to remove it from the sleeve.

  • If I look at the unit from the bottom (sleeve end), holding the head stationary, I need to turn the sleeve counter-clockwise to remove it from the head.

The only way to see this as clockwise is to look through the top or bottom, respectively, at the thing that’s being turned.

I suspect the person who did this is dyslexic or, possibly, doesn’t know which direction the hands on a clock turn :slight_smile:

Must have grown up with digital watches.