Disassembling the Anova Pro Sous Vide Precision Cooker

We have turned the stainless steel skirt clockwise with all the force I and my husband can muster. It does not turn at all. Did anyone have this issue? Did you ever get it off?

Hi ya @FoodFan05

Mine comes off COUNTERCLOCKWISE, and there is a bit of a detent that must be overcome.

The mnemonic that I used to teach, LEFTY LOOSIE, RIGHTY TIGHTY

If your’s has not been removed before there may be a bit of scale built up between the skirt and body making it even more difficult.

Did you first & foremost locate the alignment nodule / marking on the skirt?

If not go find a you-tube video, it all works within a few cm of those as it follows a track moulding.

Have never had this problem across my units, would merely suggest it is lack of familiarity rather than anything else, I regularly take them off for gunk inspections (adhesive & calcification)
For clarity you may wish to re-title your thread to “removing the metal sous vide skirt” or similar.