Reusable Vacuum Bags not Usable!

I bought a box of Anova Reusable Vacuum Bags. There is a zipper closure and an evacuation port on each bag. The box states clearly that these bags are usable with the Precision Port Handheld Vacuum Sealer OR ANY OTHER ANOVA VACUUM SEALER.
I was looking forward to using these bags with my newly purchased Precision Vacuum Sealer Pro, using the vacuum hose supplied with the Sealer Pro.
To my surprise, this hose has two identical ends, neither of which is compatible with the port on the reusable bag.
When I called Anova support I was told that the bags do not work with the vacuum hose supplied with the Sealer Pro. I would have to buy a Handheld Sealer ($40) to evacuate the bags. I asked why the box clearly states that the bags are compatible with ANY Anova vacuum sealer. The answer: “that’s the way it is.” Then why do you print the box with information that is WRONG. Even more important: why do you not supply an adapter to mate with the port on the bags. We are talking about a 10¢ molded plastic part!
Sorry, ANOVA, high tech engineering this ain’t! And Customer support it ain’t either…
I am deeply disappointed with the company’s behavior.