Ribs mistake

Glad to hear it. Have to remember that ribs are pretty much as close as you’re going to get to cave man food short of popping your significant other in the head with an unidentified femur bone! Seriously, if ribs are cut in onesies before distribution then the silverskin is less critical. Just eat the meaty side. (One instance where quantity beats quality) :smiling_imp:

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As I see, many people here noticed knives. It’s really important to have a good set of knives when you cook meat. It’s like the only thing you need to worry about while you buy stuff in your kitchen.

It’s been my observation that many people have far too many knives in their kitchens with most being too dull to be useful.

And a dull knife is an unsafe knife!
I don’t have a lot of knives, but I do keep those I have sharp enough to shave the hair off my arm, and keep a steel handy to keep them well honed between sharpening. (If you take care when using them a steel will keep them in great shape for months, and sharpening sessions will be few and far between.)

Yeah, you’re right, but not completely. For example, I just love cooking. Even worked as a sous-chief one time. But before it, I became a good cook, I used special knives too. I had a lot of problems with those goddamn knives, to be honest. Because they weren’t so good. And there was a problem with the ribs cooking too. Then one of my friends told me to visit site about knives. There was a whole ton of information about this stuff. I bought great knives after reading one of the reviews. Now I don’t have any problem with cooking. And all because of full set of a high quality knives.

It’s long been my observation in both commercial and home kitchens that a cook’s knowledge and skill can trump a full set of high quality knives.

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