First sous-vide experience! Thank you Anova

I love BBQ pork ribs since I was a little kid. My own kids love BBQ pork ribs just as much as I do! So all summer, this year, I tried to cook the perfect slabs of ribs. Although I was “getting there”, all my attempts pretty much failed miserably. So much that most ribs did not even make it to the table. Most of the time, the flavors were there but the meat, yes the meat!, was always not right!

And then came Anova! I(it) cooked the best ribs I have ever done, on my first attempt!
2 slabs, 12h @ 165, finished in the BBQ.

This is the start of new cooking era for my family and I.

Yes the cooler is in the bath tub. I was not 100% sure the beer cooler was going to hold up well to the temperature and so on, so I figured that putting the cooler in the tub would save me if the cooler was to spring a leak or something… I covered the vessel with a play mat that I cut to size.

With a side of fried veggies. :slight_smile:

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Looks delicious!

I love to smoke meats and have become fairly accomplished at producing great tasting Q. With snow on the ground I have cut back on the outdoor cooking and have my equipment covered with a tarp.

Your pictures have convinced me to give pork ribs a try. They do look good.

This is my first year doing it but, each snow fall, I bring the snowblower in the backyard and I blow a large lane in front of the BBQ :smiling_imp: The experience is definitely a bit different; BBQing with a winter jacket on, instead of a bathing suit, cooking diner outside in the winter also means cooking in the dark(er). But it’s so satisfying!

So go ahead! Get some ribs, drop them in hot water for half a day, and then have a beer out in the snow while your finish them off on the BBQ! You can even use the snowbank to hold and keep your beer cold while you mop the ribs with your homemade BBQ sauce.


Nice! I’m big into outdoor smoking/bbq, but sous vide is the best. Try combining them! Cook these exactly the same way you did, rub with rub or bbq sauce, and then take them to the grill/smoker for 30 or so minutes to get a nice crusty bark and some smoke flavor!

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Nice. I like play mat idea for the top insulation. The hole / notch I have in the cooler lid that I use can be a bit awkward at times.

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A few drops of liquid smoke in each half-rack bag tends to do pretty well to bring the meat up to that smokey flavour - add it just before the cook.

I do the rub / marinade overnight in the fridge just as if I was going to smoke them, then do the 36hour @145F cook - then either into the over with a good hearty, dark BBQ sauce, or in the freezer for another day. I’m a big fan of the Bull’s Eye sauce with Guinness. :slight_smile: