Rice cooker for home

Hi there, foodies!
I’ll start with the complaint because I sick of cooking rice in a pot. I really hate this… Rice always clumps together, or vice-versa, it’s not soft enough and dry. Ok, to the point. I decided to buy a rice cooker and I’ll be glad to hear some recommendations from you before I buy it. What should I put my attention on? Thanks in advance!

Kind of surprised me to see this question in the sous vide forum…but hey, I have a rice cooker, so I’m not completely ignorant! :slight_smile:

I think most rice cookers these days will turn out good rice pretty dependably, so the first thing I’d look at is how you plan to use it. If you have a big family and need a lot of rice most of the time then make sure you get a cooker that cooks a large enough amount. For me the best feature of an automatic rice cooker over simply cooking it on the stovetop is that once finished cooking it will stay hot and moist for an extended period of time after it has completed cooking, so I would not get a cooker that does not have this feature (ie keeps rice hot and moist after cooking). If you plan to cook more than just rice in your cooker then make sure it has the option for other items. I have an Instant Pot but I’ve never used it for rice. I still use the old automatic rice cooker I bought over 20 years ago, as its non stick cookpot makes clean up a breeze.
In short, features that meet the needs I have would be how I’d start my shopping, and then I’d check for whether the units that match my needs have a reputation of reliability and choose the best reviewed from among them.
Good luck!

I have this one. A great so called fuzzy logic rice cooker for a great price. Fuzzy logic treats your rice so you get optimum quality grains. Nice and lose and perfectly cooked.

We really should stick to sous vide on this forum.

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