Score ! :-)

II was SO stoked to see my Petite Sirloins (Picanhas) on sale for $2.98 a lb (regularly $5.98 a lb) yesterday at WinCo here in Sacramento CA :slight_smile: Only the second time I’ve seen this. They were pretty stocked up to. I was able to look through about 30 packages, to grab the best looking 6. So I ended up with 24 for Steaks, for 16 lbs, for $48.

Breakfast steaks for another month :slight_smile: Sometimes we will do a few for dinner, but my GF is not a huge steak eater… nor a big breakfast eater. So I just SV 4 at a time, and sear one of them in butter on a very hot skillet… and cheesy eggs, and Keto toast :slight_smile: One of my breakfasts uses nearly a full 4 oz stick of butter. After losing 45 lbs 2 years ago, my weight has never been so stable my whole life :slight_smile:

So tired of pork. Anxious for my Picanhas :wink:

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Nice! one of my favourite things about bulk pasteurizing and cooking foods in the water bath is the ability to just pull them out of the fridge and sear or otherwise finish in the skillet with, essentially, no time or effort.

Congrats on the weight loss, man. I know first-hand how much work that can be, and figuring out quick meals I find is really key to helping stay on track sometimes when life interferes.

Hey Jimbo, honestly, since I started doing Keto 2 yrs ago, I really don’t even think about how much I eat anymore. It helps that my GF does Keto too, so she makes all kinds of great Keto food, especially deserts :wink::+1:
Easiest way of eating I’ve ever experienced. Zero will power required.

Btw, we went back by WinCo for a few items we missed, and I had to buy 3 more packs of the Petite Sirlons :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
So now I’m up 9 packs, or 36 steaks :wink:
That will last me a minute :slightly_smiling_face:

They had Petite Sirloin roasts too, for $2.78 a lb. I was thinking about buying a couple of those to be ground into awesome ground beef ! Our quality ground beef is is close to $5 a lb !