How are your beef prices faring ???

I’m here in Northern California, and our prices have jumped quite bit since Covid 19 :frowning:
I was able to get my Picanha for $3.98 a lb, but now they are $5.98. I think other cuts might have only jumped a little, or not at all.
Maybe its just all the hype over Picanha steaks on the Internet ? In any case, I eat steak and eggs for breakfast about 4 or 5 mornings a week. Rarely anymore do I eat steak for dinner.

Northeast Illinois (Suburban Chicago) is not doing too bad. As I said in another post, Costco was featuring Choice Tenderloin steaks for $9.99/lb, whole Tenderloins for $7.99. Eye of Round for $2.99, Pork Tenderloins were 1.99 recently - again, both at Costco. Pork shoulder butts are anywhere from .99 to $1.79, down about $1/lb from their peak over the past few months. 90/10 ground beef is back down to about $3.29 (at that price, I’ll buy the $2.99 eye roast and make my own 98/2 :thinking:).

Okay, thank you. Our pork is still cheap, but I rarely eat pork anymore.

I’d love it if my local Costco had such a sale!

Australian beef prices were always high and adding in the cost of restrictions at local processing plants will certainly add to the price, unfortunately. But, such is life.

I bought tenderloin (filet mignon) at Costco last week for $9.90 a lb. Picked up a dozen of them and wish I’d bought more now. We don’t live close to a Costco, but went for flooring, and found this bargain on filets.