SF "Meatup" Photos

We had a great time last night at our Meetup and met some awesome members of our local SF community. We cooked, shared experiences, and learned creative ways people were using their Precision Cookers to make awesome meals.

Check out Facebook to see some of the photos from the event: http://ow.ly/MRRgC 

Looks like a good time was had by all. What did you all talk about?

Whole range of things actually ! I think @jordan can better transcribe as I was mostly doing cooking and didnt get to participate as much :slight_smile:

@john.jcb We discussed the app, everyday precision cooking tips and tricks, and what people would like to use the device for. We had a great discussion on the future of precision cooking and how we can share it with the world as well. One tip I thought was great came from Russell Whitaker who cooks with his Anova regularly - he often cooks dishes like lentils and instead of soaking them, he puts ice in the bag and vacuum seals it so that it soaks while cooking and doesn’t cause issues with fluid when using his vacuum sealer.

@jordan I’ve been curious about SVing lentils, that’s a great tip!

Perhaps for the next meatup you could conduct vox-pop interviews and running commentaries and post it online as a podcast?

ooooo or do a hangout session when we do a group chat :smiley:

@Bill I like the way you think sir!