Shipping fee to HK


Order #194703

My order placed at 28th Nov 2015, I have not received any news of the order and the tracking number.  I have sent two emails to in asking the tracking number, but no one reply up to this moment.

Anyone from Anova Culinary can help me to check and advise the status of the order?


Order Number: 187705

Order day: 11/23


The tracking number provided form your end is still not found in the TGX tracking system and I have received nothing from Anova so far .

I have noted that there are some people placed their orders few days later than mine but have already received their units here in Hong Kong. Can you explain what happened ?

It is really disappointed that my parcel can not been even located where it is after more than half month waiting and there is nothing Anova could do ?!

Finally delivered !

Thank you