Shipping fee to HK

I have ordered an Anova Precision Cooker in your website and not yet received. The system charged me for the delivery fee for US$59.38 in order to ship to Hong Kong. After checking with other online users that your company charged them for only US$6.95 if ship to Hong Kong. Would you pls check the reason of the price different. Can I get refund for the extra delivery fee? 

I have already submitted an enquiry - case number (105428) on 26 Oct but there is no reply so far. Would someone help me as I don't even know whether my case will be processed or not. Thanks. 

Hi @dee0814 

You’re spot on that our  normal HK shipping fees are between 6 to 10 dollars USD, but unfortunately right now the Hong Kong warehouse is out of UK units, and is pulling inventory from the UK facility (hence the high shipping costs).

We’re expecting additional units to arrive at the HK facility by November 5th (next week!) and once they’re processed into the warehouse, the shipping cost will drop down once more.

If you like we can place a hold on your order, provided it hasn’t sent out already - and can send it out once the HK facility has product. We’ll refund the difference in shipping prices then as well :slight_smile:

Let me know!

I would like to buy a UK plug one and ship to HK since there is promotion now. Should I wait until 5-Nov?

@karl_1985 yep ! We’ll honor the coupon for UK HK Orders as well, no worries!


Do you still have extra UK plug one in your HK facility? If so, can I order one or two? How long does it take to be delivered? Or I can come to pick up? 



Hi Bill,

I have the same question. I am in US now and very happy with my Anova Precision Cooker US version now.

I would like to order 1 for my friend in HK as gift. Do you still have the UK version in stock at your HK warehouse?

Also, I am not sure if you would honor the Coupon THANKS50PC to use with UK version?

Please note that I haven't never received the coupon code can be apply to UK version from email. I am not sure is it because of my initial order was shipped to my US address.


Kevin Li

Hey @liraptor - You can purchase the UK unit via our site by choosing the dropdown UK voltage here:

Shipping will be in the $6-8 range, and we’ve discontinued the $50 coupon and instead we just dropped the unit prices by $50 :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the quick respond.

Do you know why the price different are so high between US (USD$129) and other (USD$179) version?

Also, do you know how long does it take to deliver and by which carrier?

Ships via TGX, and usually within 2-3 business days. Regarding the $50 difference in price, its based around import costs, customs, and shipping to warehouses not within the continental US. 

We’re trying to lower that part :slight_smile:

Excuse me, I have ordered 2 on 23/11 and the status was shipped on the same day but I have not received any tracking number yet.

I can find that out for you @pazu

Send me a message here with your order # :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

I place my order on 11/25/2015 and order number is #191367.
Can you kindly check that out for me as well?


My order number is #190265 dated 24.11.2015 with TWO 220V UK precision cooker that should be delivered to Hong Kong via TGX.  Please kindly check it, thx~


my order number is 187821
ordered and fulfilled on 23/11


Can you kindly check that out for me please? My order number is 197638. Thanks

Hi Bill,

You told us our HK orders would ship out VIA TGX. Didn't our orders shipped from HK or China? What take you so long to ship our orders?

The Live chat customer service person Angel Funches said my our was being shipped 3 days ago and would share the ship info(tracking) to me via email within 12 hours after our conversations. She ends up disappeared and no reply even I sent 2 more emails to her on Tue and Wed.

There wasn't any holiday in HK and China last week. Please do not tell us it is because of holiday. Also, Hong Kong is such of a tiny city, it won't take 2-3 days to transit like Angel Funches told me.

If your customer service person don't know the information customer needs, please tell your customer service don't lie to us and keep us waiting!

Now, how long we still have to wait? Please get us the date so that we don't have to go back to your website to check again and again.

I really like your product, but the shipping problem really need to be fixed!

Chat started on Tuesday, December 01, 2015 8:56:50 AM

(8:56:50 AM) *** Visitor 13238560 has joined the chat ***
(8:56:50 AM) liraptor: Hi,
order number# 191320
I would like to know when my order will be delivered.
(8:57:39 AM) *** Angel has joined the chat ***
(8:57:50 AM) Angel: Hello
(8:58:11 AM) Angel: One moment while I check that info for you
(9:03:38 AM) liraptor:
(9:05:22 AM) liraptor: Bill told me TGX usually ships within 2-3 business days, I placed order on Nov 25, there is no tracking until now.
(9:06:57 AM) Angel: Ok, Thursday and Friday were holidays, which may be causing the delay in shipment
(9:07:38 AM) liraptor: that was holidays in the United States only. Not Hong Kong.
(9:09:01 AM) Angel: We are a US company
(9:09:31 AM) liraptor: Are you telling me that you are shipping them out from the United States?
(9:10:01 AM) Angel: No, I
(9:10:26 AM) liraptor: Someone ordered on Nov 23, he haven't received tracking updates too.
(9:10:50 AM) liraptor: it is clearly not related to holidays.
(9:10:58 AM) Angel: International orders take 1-3 business days for order processing
(9:11:18 AM) liraptor: All I need to have is a tracking number
(9:11:48 AM) liraptor: then how can your website shows shipped?
(9:13:33 AM) Angel: One moment
(9:18:05 AM) liraptor: I understand that HK is at late night now which you may not be able to get information from there now. I don't mind that you or your HK office or warehouse email me the tracking/shipping information or any updates by the end of the day today(US time).
(9:19:00 AM) Angel: I'm sorry for the wait
(9:19:19 AM) Angel: I will email you with the update of your order
(9:19:33 AM) Angel: Can I get your name and email please?
(9:20:21 AM) liraptor:
order number#191320
(9:21:10 AM) liraptor: are you at the east or west coast?
(9:23:13 AM) Angel: West coast
(9:23:36 AM) liraptor: same as me. that's good.
(9:24:33 AM) liraptor: I think hk will start the work day while the late afternoon here.
(9:25:25 AM) liraptor: do you think I can get the email from you or someone from Anova today?
(9:25:56 AM) Angel: We will do our best
(9:27:03 AM) liraptor: that is good.
Thank You for your help.
I will wait for the email.
(9:28:00 AM) Angel: You're most welcome!


Support you!
@Bill asked us to post the order number and I never get any response till now!
my order was made on 23/11 which was even earlier than yours.
My friend also ordered 3 before me and sent multiple emails and facebook chat to them
They gave him a tracking number of TGX, however it cannot be tracked, when tracking in the TGX website it said Order not found!
We deserve the truth!


Fully Support!!!!!
Order Number: 187705

Order day: 11/23


I am really disappointed as I have been waiting for 2 weeks and it ended up with an tracking number that is not even able to tell where my parcel is?  I was told by the CS person - Peter via email saying I should have received my units last friday or Monday latest  but NOT!

Please Check and advise. 


Hi All,

Finally, my friend received the delivery on Dec 7,2015 HK local time.