Single Anova to multiple mobile devices is possible

I’ve seen a few posts on here asking about the possibility of controlling the Anova cooker by more than one mobile device

The answer is always “no” that you can only control the cooker from the app on a single phone and can not connect on two or more phones at the same time ?

But it does seem to be possible - I have one Anova Pro and have it connected and controlled by the Anova app on two separate phones - both can communicate to the cooker at the same time

Both phones read the cooker temp and time and importantly both allow me to edit the settings

Is this intentional or is it a bug that allowed me to do it?

It may be something that is currently only possible with the Pro. I’ve certainly not been able to achieve anything like that with my original APC.

I’m not sure -but here is how it happened

I downloaded the app onto my second phone but couldn’t connect it - as per the info given on other threads on this subject you cannot just add a second device

I decided to change the connection to the new phone - so without deleting the app on the old connected phone I reset the Anova (reboot and reset the cooker ) - this logged it off the wireless connection and back to factory default with manual operation

I then opened the app on the new phone and followed the connection procedure - got the code and entered it . The new phone connected and I thought that was it and expected the connection on the old phone to be disabled

However opening the app on the old phone I found it was also connected - now both phones are connected and I can use either to control the Anova

It seems that resetting the Anova did not remove the identifiers that the first phone used to access the cooker - but it did allow me to generate a new code that enabled the second device to connect simultaneously

I would love to try to repeat and see if I can add a third but I’m not wanting to risk it!

That all sounds reasonable. Will be interesting to see if others have success with repeating your method.

You can try contacting the author of this 3rd party app. Maybe he can make it so one is controlled via Blue Tooth and the other WiFi?


New to this community, so you may have to talk to me like I’m six. I’m having a similar problem, and would like to know how you “reboor and reset the cooker” for the Anova Pro? The stuff that I’m finding all seem to point to the Anova Wifi…

I just googled “reset Anova pro” and there’s a few pages with the same instructions

Unplug and then re-plug in your Precision® Cooker WI-FI. Press and hold the WI-FI icon on the Precision® Cooker WI-FI until it beeps once (approximately 4 seconds) - when it reboots it doesn’t log in to the wireless network , that comes as you try to link the second phone

Hi all, I have just received my Anova Precision today and I actually managed to connect the device to both my iphone and hubby’s samsung phone!
Thank you!