Small fresh gammon joint

Hi all. New user!. Really enjoying my Anova precision cooker purchased 2 weeks ago. Got a small fresh gammon joint to experiment. It’s only 1kg. and 3 inches thick.What temp & time should I use?

Is it precooked, cured, or raw? How well done do you like your pork?

Hi Brian. No it isn’t pre-cooked it’s raw

Sorry ! Like it medium.

Gammon is cured but raw. I’d be looking at 140-145F. Time is the difficult bit, because I’ve not cooked gammon (can’t buy it easily in Aus) but as it’s from the leg it will usually have done a fair amount of work, more so for a free range piggy. I’d start with 6-8 hours and give it a pinch test to see if it’s approaching your desired texture. Might need to go as far as 12 hours.

Many thanks. Will fire the thing up on Sunday.

Cooked the Gannon joint. 7 hrs at 145f. Superb! Juicy, tasty. Melt in the mouth. Many thanks to Ember for the advice.


Awesome. I’m glad it turned out.