Cooking a fresh Gammon (ham) joint 3.9kg

Good morning everyone! (Well…its morning here in the U.K) I am about to embark on my first sous vide journey. A fresh Gammon joint weighing in at 3.9kg/8.59 pounds.
I will be buying a cool box and drilling a hole like so many people on here have suggested.
All i need to know is, how long and the temperature?
I will be cooking the joint in it’s bag.

Thanks in advance, Jordan

This is really the same as a pork shoulder since it is uncured. I would recommend 60° C and cook it anywhere from 20-24 hours in the bath.

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Thanks, there is a thick layer of fat on the top. Once it’s cooked I’m thinking about scoring it and rubbing in salt, then chucking it under a hot grill.

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