Small scallops sous vide

I had a small bag of small scallops, the kind that usually shrivel up during baking or stir fry etc.

25 minutes at 140 and they looked so much the same size I was wondering if they were actually cooked.

They were as good a scallop as any I can recall eating and the broth was amazing. No spices/herbs/oil added.

Another thing to try. I enjoy scallops and this sounds very easy.

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That’s almost exactly how Doug Baldwin says to do it in his book. 140 @ 30-40 minutes.

This is what I want to try next.

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It doesn’t really matter. Scallops are fine to eat raw, so it’s impossible to undercook them. Overcooking is bad news though, they shrivel up and go hard.

You said that you liked them the way you did them, so just go ahead and enjoy your food. Trust your palate; it’s the most useful and reliable piece of equipment in your kitchen :slight_smile: