Solved Oven Water on Cupboards

This forum has been so helpful that I wanted to share my “solution” to vented steam from my Anova Oven collecting and sometimes dripping from the bottom of the cupboards above the oven. I have a good four inches of space there, but depending on cook temp and steam setting, there is still sometimes water buildup, which CAN’T be good for the cupboards! I’ve seen posts from others with the same concern. I purchased a small, hand-held fan from Amazon that I sit on the top of the oven (on a silicone pad) to disperse the steam. It has solved the issue completely!

I have no affiliation with this product, I just found it on Amazon and it works well. It’s handy (no cord since it’s a rechargeable battery) and it runs for a long time if needed. I now have absolutely no water accumulation on the wall or the cupboards. And BTW - further to another post under “support” discussions, I had to return my faulty APO and Anova Support was great. They responded quickly and sent a return shipping label and I had my new oven within two weeks. It seems to be working fine and I love it!

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