Sous Vide Caesar-Parmesan Chicken

Sous Vide Caesar-Parmesan Chicken
It’s like a Chicken Caesar salad without the salad!


Cooking temp: 147.5 F
Cooking time: 2.5 hours (add an hour if frozen)


Skinless chicken breast(s)
Dehydrated Parmesan cheese
Girard’s Light Caeser dressing
Extra-virgin olive oil

I have omitted the exact quantities of each ingredient because that’s the way I cook. Trust your tastebuds and eyes.

Start by putting about a quarter of a cup of dressing in the bottom of the bag.

Add a liberal amount of the dehydrated Parmesan cheese to the dressing the bag.

Salt and pepper the chicken on both sides.

Add the chicken to the back and squish it all around to coat the chicken breasts.

Vacuum and seal the bag. I like to double seal the bag.

Into the pool for 2.5 hours.

Remove the breast from the pool, but do NOT remove from the bag. Let the breasts cool in the refrigerator overnight (or at least for a few hours).

Open the bag.

Reserve the juices and parmesan bits in a bowl.

Pat dry the chicken breasts.

In a hot cast iron pan add the oil.

When the oil shimmers, add and sear the chicken on each side for about 1 minute per side. Flip and repeat until GB&D.

Recombine the chicken with the juices and parmesan bits.

This photo above does not due justice to the recipe, so take a look at the high-res prep and finished photos at


Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer


Thanks for sharing! I have a question about the dressing you use. Was the flavor well penetrated into the chicken?

The penetration was excellent. It was like a Caesar salad inside the chicken!

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Wow! That looks awesome!! I’m doing a Keto diet (low carb) - this recipe looks very keto-friendly. I’ll try to source a zero or low-carb caesar dressing.

Cheers!! :slight_smile:


Arrghhhhh that sounds so good!

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We’ve heard that searing at the end of a sous vide cook can dry out chicken breasts but it works well with the skin on - did you leave the skin on?

I use skinless chicken breast. My trick is to refrigerate the pasteurized chicken in the bag with its own juices overnight. That seems to enhance reabsortion. The next day, searing the cold chicken does not cause it to dry out, and allows the rest of the chicken breast to come up to serving temperature without overcooking. -Jonathan

Thank you for this recipe Jonathan - made it last night / today. :slight_smile: The only tweaks I did were to use sesame oil, rather than butter for the sear (I like the flavour that sesame oil imparts to chicken breasts) and I added a tablespoon of butter to each bag to make it a little more savoury.

I cooked mine at 150F for 3 hours (partly to ensure they were cooked all the way through from being thawed).

Here it is with riced cauliflower. :slight_smile:

Total with Riced Cauliflower (200g breast) - 956 calories, 72g Fat, 7 Carbs, 72g Protein, 894mg Sodium, 750mg Potassium

It was SUPER savoury!!! :smiley: The best part is that I made 3 of them, so the other two bags are in the freezer. :slight_smile:


The only problem I see is vacuum sealing the bags with all that liquid dressing in them.
Could I make up the bags and freeze them before sealing them?

Yum!!! That looks good!

Yes, you can. Alternatively, if your bag vac allows you to press the seal button at any time, you can go that route. Finally, you can use the water displacement method to push the air out as you submerge the goodness in the bath and then seal it. All three ways minimize dressing loss