Sous Vide Egg Bites @ Starbucks Recipe?

Starbucks has introduced a new breakfast offering recently - Sous Vide Egg Bites: Bacon and Gruyere or Egg White w/ Roasted Red Pepper.

I’m relatively new to Sous Vide cooking and would like to recreate this. Ideally I would like to find away to make a week’s worth and be able to take them on the good and rewarm them when I get into the office.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Much thanks!


Hey @dezastr0, welcome to community! I will ask our content Chef, @ChefNicole to look into this, and see what we can come up with :wink:


without having eaten or seen one (beyond your links) it kind of looks like you could just lubricate something appropriately shaped with olive oil or canola spray, bang the (precooked if required) non-egg ingredients in, flatten them so there’s no yolky-pokey, followed by the egg, then follow standard bagging and cooking at 62-71 deg c depending upon what texture you want.

the flat rigid bottom suggests that this is likely similar to what they do, and they likely do a hard cook, ie 71c or above. the ridges in the “top” suggest they may have some kind of round bottom plastic bag. although being egg maybe the ridges occurred during packaging.

once cooked, it looks like they broil (expose to direct heat) it from above for a bit to melt cheese/add colour. I’d probably add some pepper in with the non-egg ingredients, but not add salt until after the sous vide bath, or add the salt when you eat it.

i reckon a touch of smokey paprika would go awesome with the cheese.

edit: as for the shape, a muffin tin would be awesome. then just vac it if possible before sous vide bath tub time. or ziploc and a lot of inhaling.

edit 2: on closer inspection it looks like they whisk the eggs and mix through the ingredients. either way i guess.


Small mason jars may work since it will hold a more appealing shape than a plastic bag and is less cumbersome than tins. Make sure it is well greased so it doesn’t stick to the glass.


They almost look like little frittatas only cooked Sous Vide rather than baked. Easy Sous Vide Omelet with Parmesan and Herbs [cooked at 165 F / 73.9 C] appears to have about the right texture. I have a dozen eggs from my hen in the fridge and may need to give this a try.


awesome! pics if you do please!

i am thinking of giving it a try too, but unsure when i’ll get around to it. will take pics when i do!

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I would like to add my request to this as well. Would be great to see a recipe similar posted and available. Tried the egg white version today and it was very good. Would love to be able to replicate.

Sorry, also new here. What kind of bags would work like that? I tried it with plastic wrap and cut the following results. Delicious, although I learned that I need to cook the bacon first, to get the right cook, and I also finished them off in my iron skillet in bacon fat.

They most likely make these in a CVAP oven. Also pretty sure they just reheat them in a regular convection oven based on what I saw in a display case.

Yes The suggestion was right on!

I just tried the Starbucks version today and came home ready to try my hand at making my own!

I modified the recipe to fit in a tiny mason jar with one egg… It took about 40 minutes to get the right consistency, but I think it could’ve even done a little bit longer.

Absolutely sublime.


This was a great suggestion! Thank you so much!

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Please do! I approximated a recipe tonight using some suggestions from this forum… But I would love the thoughts from a professional chef.

Looks great! I was thinking of using the half pint mason jars, as well!

Hey amazing #anovafoodnerd community! Egg-citing news - we took the last two days to test recipes, and came up with a few amazing recipes for Anova Sous Vide Egg Bites! Check out the latest blog post, and we’ll be adding to the recipe site and app ASAP. We just want to share as quickly as we can with you so you can start eggs-perimenting! Cracking the Starbucks Code: Easy Homemade Sous Vide Egg Bites – Anova Culinary


I made some this morning. I whisked up eggs, some half and half, homemade herb salt and pepper in he

h blender. Then put crumbled pre-cooked bacon, shredded baby swiss and a teaspoon of cream cheese in each jar. Poured egg mixture over and cooked at 160 degrees for an hour. Next time I will increase the temperature to 170 as the consistency was too soft. But they were still amazing! This will be a regular go to!


Seems like a lot of work for something that is going to get borked when you toss it in the microwave to reheat it. Fresh I can understand the effort.

Nah, it’s actually pretty easy and quick to assemble!

I’m definitely going to try some. They’ll be handy for my partner who works at the post office sorting mail before the birds are up. He can grab a jar to take with him for ‘second breakfast’ between post office and school bus.

First batch of my own done! Bacon, Egg and two Cheese. Easy, fluffy, cheesy and tasty! THANKS, Chef Nicole! :yum::fork_and_knife:


Have to admit the possibilities are endless .
Made a few batches and I can’t wait to make these for friends and family.