Sous vide italian pork sausage

Looking for some temp and time numbers for sausage

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Hey @Madman54 totally depends on your personal preference and your goals. There is a really helpful guide for sausages from Serious Eats that you can check out.

There’s also a recipe on the site for sous vide Italian Sausages with Autumn Grapes and Rosemary.

When I am pan cooking Italian sausage I worry about getting the center cooked. That is why I sous vide them. It takes about 150F/65C to get the pink out of the center, although 130F/54C fits the definition of “cooked”.

For a tail gate where they are going to be in a beer and onion bath while waiting to go on the grill to finish, I would go with 130F/54C.

A single layer of sausage will take 1 to 2 hours.

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Thanks for the info,I cooked them last nite @150 for 90 minutes.the center looked a bit pink but we’re definitely done and my anova .