Steak butter (compound butter)

A heads up really.

Daughter was back from university & she & wife were caning steaks (because, dad was cooking, dad was aware of student budget not being steak orientated)

Daughter found she liked veiny blue cheese recently (huzzah) & so a blue cheese compound butter was on the menu.

Asked wife to grab some extra salted butter & a decent blue cheese to make some.
Wife turned up with a hardly veined brie (oh dear)
Now I love brie, i’ve smoked enough of it, thought what the hell, try it anyway (no info out there really) mixed it in via processor, shaped, wrapped & chilled.
Tried it on a couple of bavettes (blue & rare) & …DO NOT USE A VEINED BRIE (aged or otherwise)

Imparts a slight sourness, & a questionable “is it actually blue cheese in here” !? doubt. (wife couldn’t tell but my taste-buds are more pronounced)

Reinforce to your other half is they are doing the shopping a proper blue stilton, crumbly, not gooey, with decent veining from the outset not a block of brie that looks like it had a bacilli knife pushed in a mere 4 spots of a half cheese wheel.

Obviously aging the brie does result in a sourness, but this had to be done to some degree as it was akin to getting a decorator in to paint 1/10 of one wall when the whole room actually needed doing.

Got some proper stilton from the village of stilton itself when dashing around via the motorway after stopping off in pork pie country (Melton Mowbray for a selection of the tin baked classic from a sellers firm who started producing in the 1820’s) , proper compound butter on its way, I will try & bring the veiny brie back from the dead & mix in some spare stilton, wife has to eat that btw, (or she will never hear the end of it)

The 15th century Stilton bell pub-inn was where I had my first ever blue steak as a teenager (it was a trading point for numerous counties selling their cheeses at the high street market which as the uk spine road ran up & down the country, established by the romans) …kind of like your route 66 but “a bit” older.