Steam Diverter and Drip Tray for Anova Precision Oven

FWIW I just finished an initial design of a drip tray for the Anova Precision Oven. It’s my first attempt at addressing some of the issues that I personally ran into with the stock drip tray.

Downloadable 3D printable design and images here…

can you check your thingiverse files? it appears there are no files to download (404 error when I was trying to download it)


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Hi Joergen,

I just checked and it seems Thingiverse has a bug (surprise surprise… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) when downloading “all files” - this resulted in a 404 error for me as well. However you can easily download each STL file separately, one at a time. This seems to work fine and the files look good…

LMK what you find and hope this helps!

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That’s awesome! I have a resin printer—I wonder if standard resin will hold up to the heat.

A quick search reveals that standard resin prints start to soften at 40-70C, though heat resistant resins are apparently available… OTOH I’m using PETG which has a glass transition temperature of 80C, yet seems to hold up (so far).

But in general it appears that the heat resistance of 3D resins are generally lower than the thermoplastics.

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This looks pretty cool. I’m confused, though. I’ve never had any problems with the stock drip tray. What happens to create the need for an additional/replacement tray?


That’s a good question and been starting to wonder if my experience is unique. Not sure how to gauge it, but I’ve been finding at times the need to check and empty the drip tray a couple of times during use to avoid spillover.

A contributing factor for me is I have it on a surface that’s not absolutely level. With such a wide and shallow tray, it doesn’t take much tilt at all (left-to-right) for the water to accumulate towards one side. But it does make me wonder if my oven is otherwise acting as it should.

FWIW I only recently realized that I one should keep the floor of the oven clear, which is where I’ve been keeping the tray both during and between uses, though don’t see how that may have been a factor.

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Thanks. Mine has never had a problem but today will be several hours of cooks, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open!

ABS has a TG of 110C