Strip loin roast time & temp question

I will be cooking a 3 1/2 pound strip steak roast tomorrow. It is prime grade. Looks to be about 2 1//2 inches by 6 inches. I will finish in a pre-heated cast iron skillet outside on the grill to get some nice color and surface flavor. I’d like some help on time and temp.

I’m thinking 129 degrees but I don’t have a clue as to length of time. I’ve seen times from 3 to 6 hours. Even longer. I recently did a normal strip steak at 134 degrees for 2 hours. I thought it came out a bit too done. And a bit dry. I don’t want to wreck a 70 buck piece of meat. Thanks in advance.

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I would go 129F for 4 hours. One of the benefits of sous vide is there will be no difference if you cook it a couple hours longer. So here, 4-8 would be fine. 129F is my sweet spot for steaks. One tip I can offer is to really dry the steak well before searing. Like, really well. That will allow your sear to take hold before the meat has a chance to overcook. Enjoy, and definitely post pics!

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yeah @colewagoner is spot on. 129F for 4-8 would be primo. I’ve done a 4lb strip steak for 6hr with some basic seasoning (pepper, garlic powder etc) and I was the belle of the ball with my cook.

I’m a bit surprised you had dry though - thats perplexing. What did you have in the bag along with the steak? What sorta thickness was the original one?

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The cook went fine. About 4 1/2 hours. Then finished in cast iron.

My theory on the dryish steak was that I salted it about the same as if I was cooking it on a grill. I believe that may have contributed to drawing out moisture.

I still salted the roast but way less than I put on the single steak.