Stuffed Whole Chicken

I am new to the Anova Oven.
I have a 3# stuffed whole chicken.
After thawing it, how should I cook it in the oven (not sou vide cooker)?
Time, temperature, oven mode?

Thank you for reaching out to Anova Culinary Support Team.

I’d be happy to assist you.

Here is an update from our team regarding your question.

I’d do 375F, top+rear heat, 0% steam, and put the probe in the deepest part of the breast. Cook until the probe reaches 150F. You’ll want to check that the stuffing is also hitting at least 150F before removing (use an instant read).

Rest for at least 15 minutes and then check that the stuffing is AT LEAST 165F. If not you’re going to have to cook it more. Generally, though I do not recommend cooking stuffed poultry. It’s very easy to have the stuffing be undercooked and therefore unsafe to eat. It’s also difficult to stick a probe in it while it cooks because it isn’t a solid mass.