Suggestion on how to cook

Has anyone cooked kangaroo yet. I have a couple of fillets for dinner tonight would love some tips.

To be honest, the roo fillets from MacroMeats are so thin and small (and unevenly cut) and the meat is so very lean, I wouldn’t bother. A flash, hot pan sear is all it needs because it needs to be rare.

Of course, you could be cutting it yourself and have nice, thick slices on which case I would look at the suggestions for a fillet steak and don’t forget to adjust time for the right thickness.

Oh my are thick, I’m in Australia soon problem there. But the suggestion to work along the same lines as a fillet steak is a good one. Thank you. Will give that a go.

If you decide to cook kangaroo,there are a few steps you need to take. Firstly you. We’d to marinate then I put the fillets and the marinade into the bags to sous vide for 1 hr. then reverse sear on charcoal.

I’m in Australia too. Not sure if MacroMeats export to anything other than restaurant purchasers.

Glad to hear it was a success. What did you use as a marinade? Cooking in the marinade you’re effectively wet cooking the meat which would help to make up for the lack of fat/oil in the steak.