Super disappointed

I bought a used unit from a friend of mine about a year ago in New York. I live in Rio De Janeiro and I brought the unit with me there and loved using it for about 3 or 4 months even though I had to change the fuses on several occasions. Suddenly one day the unit stopped heating the water. It was circulating the water but even after hours of sitting in the water, the water temperature remained the same, about the temperature of the water from my sink. The warranty was expired. I contacted the company and a guy named Rikka responded to me. He was a super cool guy and very understanding. After failing to make the unit work he told me that although the warranty was expired he would send me a replacement unit as a one time courtesy. I was ecstatic when I received his message that the unit was shipped. I had it shipped to the guy who I originally bought the unit from. He intern gave it to another friend who shipped to my son in Houston. My son is a banker and was extremely busy and it took him several months until he shipped it to me in Brazil. He sent it on April 4 and today, a month later it finally arrived. I went and picked the unit up and brought it home. Excited to use it, I pulled a cheap steak out of my fridge, bagged it up, filled up my pot of water and clamped my Sous vide into place. I set the temp and the timer and then pressed start. I hears a loud beep and when the screen appeared there was a system message telling me that the unit was low on liquid. I thought it strange as I had filled it up to the max line on the stainless steel skirt. Perplexed I went to the internet and I was surprised to learn that other people have had the same problem. The unit I was sent is a refurbished unit but appears to be like new. There is no rust, scaling or anything physically wrong with it. It looks just like a new unit. I read that I might try putting some vinegar in the water that it might ionize the water, but that didn’t work. I then tried adding some salt to the water and to my surprise it started up for a split second and then stopped working still displaying the low liquid message at the top of the LED screen. It took me 6 months to get this unit to brazil and I am absolutely heartbroken. I don’t even know which sensors are the water sensors, but having used my previous unit successfully, I’m almost certain that the unit has a definite problem. Living in Brazil makes returning the unit cost prohibitive. Now I am the proud owner of two uncorking sous vide immersion units. I have contacted Rikka again and now must wait to hear back from him.Anyone have a similar experience and can offer some suggestions. I’ve tried everything from changing the fuses to running the unit without th skirt in order to make sure that the sensors were getting water. Nothing…

I had the same problem with heating; piece of junk product. Look elsewhere! Will

Nah. Product is good, factory QC is a bit lacking though. Hopefully the vacuum cleaner money will fix these things going forward and allow for a better manufacturer.

Being a startup really sucks when it comes to capital. All kinds of stuff you want to do, none of which you can afford. No one sets out with the intent of selling a shit product.

the worst part is when my first IC sous vide was working it was the most amazing cooking device I ever used. My steaks and ribs were all cooked perfectly and were delicious and succulent. Then one day it went on the fritz. The unit, which I still have, circulates the water, but doesn’t heat the water at all. They were very nice in that they offered to replace the product even though the warranty was done. It took me five months to get it because I’m living in Brazil and I can’t tell you what a disappointment it was when I plugged the new unit in and I keep getting this error message that there is not enough liquid. I have the pot filled to the max line. I did get a message from their rep today with some suggestions, but I can tell by the tone of the email that I am basically on my own because they are no longer making this anova 1 unit. When I get back to New York this summer I think I’ll buy a joule. Once you get a reliable unit, it is the best cooking device in the world

So, let me get this straight…

  • You bought a used unit
  • The unit you bought was designed to run on US power (110V/60Hz)
  • You ran the unit in another country, which has a different power spec, and it’s not even standardized - (127V or 220V depending on the region, 60Hz on paper)
  • You started blowing fuses repeatedly, and rather than realize this might indicate you had a problem with your power, you kept changing them and eventually blew up the unit.
  • Now out of warranty based on time alone, on a non-transferable warranty, and probably in violation of the warranty by using a unit on a power grid it wasn’t designed for, you cry to the company and get a free replacement.
  • Your Son takes 6 months to get you your free replacement which you were not entitled to, yet the company gave you out of kindness and trying to do the right thing.
  • You whine and threaten because your free, out of warranty, gratis replacement isn’t working on a power grid it was never designed for.
  • Your 1st and 2nd posts here are to do nothing more than bitch about not getting what you were legally never entitled to.

You sir, are a special kind of self-absorbed, entitled dipstick.

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You are most certainly right…I am a dipstick…happy? I have however spoken to knowledgable people, in fact electricians who have told me the power grid is basically the same. Any 110 unit should have no problem running on 127. Furthermore, I run many appliances and tools here which I brought here from the US.I will guarantee that the majority of the people who are experiencing the same problems which I am, are probably experiencing them within the continental USA. Blowing fuses is common.Guess what, I can even buy the fuses that come with the unit, which as you have said was designed for the US, right here in Brazil. in fact I can buy the Anova unit which is designed for the so called US power grid here in Brazil as well on Mercado Livre, which is the Brazilian eBay. I was not crying about the goodwill of the company, but rather by the fact that when I took it out of the box for the first time, it wasn’t working…and looking through some of the posts on this site and others, it is apparent that many people are experiencing the same problem…all over the world. So while you are certainly smart, you aren’t as smart as you think. You are however…an asshole who must not have anything better to do but to comb sites like this in an attempt to show what a smart asshole you. Well…you got me. I would rather be a dipstick than a smart asshole any day of the week.

Thanks for your input.

I don’t know who your so called knowledgeable friends are, but they apparently aren’t very good at math. US power is only guaranteed to within 10%, that’s 121 volts, not 127. Just because you can run something bought in the US in Brazil doesn’t mean that it’s supposed to nor does it mean you have any kind of rights.

Furthermore, blowing fuses is not common,. It’s indicative of a problem. Fuses are there for safety reasons. I’m sorry you are unable to grasp this concept. Please cite your sources for where these same tools are blowing fuses just as rapidly and experiencing the same problems as you are and explain how this is somehow “ok”.

Because you can buy something on eBay or whatever equivalent means nothing. eBay is an individual user driven marketplace. Because things are sold there does not make it legal, ok or change the warranty terms.

So, please tell me again how you are entitled to a free replacement for an out of warranty unit, that was used in violation of the warranty, that your own seed didn’t deliver to you in a timely manner.

You my friend, are talking out of your ass. I’m not talking about the unit that was sent to me as a replacement blowing out or working for a time and than stopped working. I’m talking about a unit that the first time it was plugged in never worked from the moment it was set. If you ask Anova if blowing fuses is common, I’m sure they would say that it is, because it is. I never said that it was blowing them constantly…I said I had to replace a fuse once or twice, so don’t elongate my statement in order to justify your misjudgment. Look through the posting on Anova products and you will plainly see that Anova has suggested to their customers that they replace a fuse for more than just a unit that has blown out. There are other maladies for which they recommend replacing fuses. As far as it being legal to buy the products in Brazil, it certainly is. In fact you can buy an Anova right now on Amazon and they will ship it to Brazil. I’m not telling you I was entitled to a free replacement, I’m telling you that I was given a free replacement and the customer service representative knew that I was and am using the product in Brazil…Don’t you have someone else to annoy?

By the way Brainiac, the voltage in Brazil is both 110v and 220v…

btw…what is your stake in this. Do you represent Anova? Or are you just sticking nose into a place where it doesn’t belong?. Maybe you could offer some suggestions on how I might rectify the problem instead of being a smart ass. You sound like you don’t like the idea I was given a free replacement from the company. Is that your problem> Well for your information, I was given one, and perhaps for good reason. My seed, as you called him, was not able to send it in a timely manner, he sent it when he was able to. That doesn’t mean that he booby trapped the unit so that it wouldn’t work. The more I read your shit, the more I get annoyed by your righteous indignation. If you have nothing positive to offer…mind your own business jackass.

Try reading through the posts on this site. Numerous people have complained about the same issue. If I never mentioned that I was living in brazil, would you had even bothered to be the asshole you have become? the machine obviously has numerous problems by many many of its users. Apparently Anova can’t keep up with the complaints. It is a faulty machine. When it works well, it’s great…unfortunately that is not always the case. They are very nice in customer service however replacing units like mad doesn’t necessarily make them a great company. That’s probably why they sold out to hoover. They couldn’t deal with the problems. It probably means more like they don’t know what to do to rectify their issues. Next time, I won’t buy their product. btw…do you even own one of their products? Or are you just trolling their site looking for ways get yourself off?

one last thing…they didn’t just send me a free replacement unit. They sent me a refurbished unit. Which basically means that they gave me a unit that was previously sent back by another user who had problems with it. So they basically gave me someone else headache, which obviously they never even bothered to fix. Nice customer service, shitty product,

Buys used unit.
Warranty long since expired, uses unit in a manner questionable to warranty terms.
Unit breaks.
Cries to company.
Company gives free replacement out of goodness of their heart.
Half a year later, cries and threatens company on the internet because the free replacement he was never entitled to didn’t work, or so he claims.

Maybe had you not lead with a threat you would have gotten a better reception.

who are you? The asshole from hell? Try blowing it out of your ass, you’ll feel better.

I prefer to be addressed as Lord Admiral General Asshole the 4th.


you’re the only who seems to be to questioning the manner which I used it. I actually didn’t ask for a replacement unit. The company offered it to me. You can twist anyway that makes you happy, but I can tell you the bottom line. I will never buy a product from Anova. Btw…how many units do you own?

None. I’ve never even seen one. I don’t even know what a kitchen looks like. I only reheat chinese take out for my meals.

This is a forum for people who own a unit(s) and have something to say about it whether good or bad. You shouldn’t even be here giving your opinion. The only obvious reason you are here is to annoy people. If it makes you happy, which i’m sure it does, I am annoyed. Now fuck off

This is a forum? Crap. I thought this was usenet.



Anova in all of its wisdom has agreed to send me another replacement unit.