I was making creme brulees at 81 celsius and the stupid unit decided to misread temps and say i was sitting at -7…the water so hot that you couldn’t touch it. I unplugged the unit, turned it back on and it still wasn’t working properly…smh

Contact support.

Sounds like steam has got in

I believe steam did get in it…the thing is, who would build a sous vide machine that has dramas with steam? lol It’s equivelant to an oven that malfunctions with radiant heat!.

support were great with mine and replaced

Good stuff…they will be getting a phone call from me-lol

Im hoping I dont have to show a receipt…not sure I still have it. Got it from Amazon.

Good stuff…they will be getting a phone call from me-lol

Just message them on here they sorted it for me here and emither

the purchase should be in your amazon account then. All the stuff is recorded. Just download.

My first unit failed within a few weeks, very disappointing. I contacted support and they sent me a replacement unit. Without good support I couldn’t recommend this brand, but with good support I am very happy that I bought my Anova.

I bought a new container and a lid (Rubbermaid 12 quart & an Everie silicon lid for that container) and the lid seems to be effective at stopping steam from rising up to the vent. I’ve been using the replacement unit regularly for a few months with no issues. I also bought a Rubbermaid 18 quart container, the same lid fits either container. The 18 quart is a better size for bigger things like an entire chicken, the 12 quart works great for smaller things like steak or sausages or a chicken breast.

This is the lid:
I would credit that lid with preventing further issues as it wraps around the Anova cooker and seems very effective at blocking any steam from coming up and getting into the vents at the back of the unit where the circuitry is.