This cooking is no good for me

Sorry, but this cooking is no good for me.  I tried the porterhouse recipe to the letter, I was not impressed.  Meat was tough, no extra flavor, I,m sending my unit back.

OK, I will give it another try.  I found the bath was not long enough, but the recipe on this site said 1 hour, I went 3 hours.  Also, I read on this site not to go over 4 hours, so you don’t get nasty bugs in the meat.  

I made a Porterhouse  once and it was wonderful. I went 1.5 hours. Was cheap Porterhouse at $12 a lb. but was delish.

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@brewer65 Any updates? Would love to hear you’ve had a change of heart with a super awesome dish. If not, happy to help you make the best meal ever!! Lemme know, I got you. 

Update, I learned that I needed longer cook times.  I tried another porterhouse with a longer cook time, it was better, the filet was melt in your mouth.  So, I will keep the Anova and keep learning.


Good for you

Try some cheaper (on sale) cuts. Half the fun is experimentation and making inexpensive taste expensive:)

I will second what Helen has said. The tougher cuts have more flavor than the expensive ones and become so tender with extended cooking times. Short ribs and bottom round are two of my favorites.

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I just ate a cheap flank steak, cooked 2 hours, I barely needed teeth to eat it. SO tender.

Wanna shock yourself? Cook a London Broil overnight for 10-12 hours… as good as a Ruth Chris Filet…